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Extremely poor customer service, still no internet

Team Player

It seems like every avenue I try and go down, I get pushed to the side and get sold false promises. Extremely disappointed with the service I’ve received to date and still it seems nobody is able to help.


Called up multiple time’s to get a router sent out, took over 2 weeks to have one sent out and then once sent out, lost by DHL. So I’m still waiting.


Had a TV engineer booked for this morning, but as I had no router, I tried to call and change it. I was explicitly told on the phone that I didn’t need the router for the tv engineer to do his job, but when he turned up, he said he couldn’t do it without the router being installed


And on top of this, I am being billed from 6th of July despite not receiving my router or tv services.







Community Team - TT Staff

Closing as duplicate thread, I have posted on your other thread on the Community.