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Fast 5364 router set up forced email out from device

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Once again, after previous success on port forwarding ( Keith French’s assistance) my latest request

i have controllers that have the facility to email out an alarm , I had this facility working on my previous router but the settings used with the new has not been successful,

The controller has to have the following settings set and what I have inputted

Controller name      HVAC

Addresss.    My gmail 

Force TLS.  yes

Options -  send email directly /. Send email through server.   Selected   Through server

Server Set Up. 
Address.     SMTP,

Port.         587

Authenticate.    Yes

Username.     My gmail

Password.      my gmail password


I port forwarded. Port 587 to the ip of my device

I firewall  port 587 both ways to the device ip


As always any assistance will be very appreciated 

thank you



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With Gmail, unlike something like addresses, you must make changes to your Google account before this will work. Once into your account's settings, Click on Security, go down to Less secure app access & turn this On. If this is not done, emails sent from an application will be blocked in your Google account.

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