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 I phoned to cancel my talk talk broadband on 12th April and got confirmation email same day.    Switch off date was set for 30 days and there were no early termination charges due to a price increase which I was notified about in March.

sure enough service turned off 11th May or at least router stopped working that morning.


I returned the router and cables by tracked post 12th May and these were delivered according to Royal Mail.


I didn’t hear anything else so I phoned over weekend to see why I hadn’t had a final bill only to be told I would be billed for a full month starting 15th May.  This would then be refunded in June.


my direct debit is still in place for the final payment and refund


BUT I have no sight of the final bill since I cancelled nor it seems can I login into my account any more even after resetting password


my question is what happens when your service is switched off ?   Can you not login afterwards ?


im also a little worried that as I moved out of my

flat  - if the new tenant started their broadband order with whatever provider,  could they have mistakenly taken over my account therefore delaying my final bill or something?


im completely non plussed As to final billing process or to understand what charges may or may not be due.




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Just logged in and was able to make a refund request.   Hopefully that means things are now getting sorted.   I’ll update here if resolved or not - says review will be 10 days.


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bump - logged in just now and no sign of closing bill


next bill date now 28th June.   Phone still showing disconnected.    You aren’t waiting for a new provider are you as I said this is to be cancelled not moved.


going to email CISA today as it’s been over 8 weeks now and I can’t get a straight answer 


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Thanks for response.   Details updated as requested


had another long chat with someone in billing today but no closer to understanding what’s happening


my service was disconnected 11/5 and yet a new bill appeared dated 15/5 and I’ve had no explanation as to why


i have paid it and there’s seem to be another

bill due tomorrow 28/5 which may see

me in credit as I seem to have paid one month extra but she wasn’t really sure


asked for transcript of chat by email - guess what it hasn’t showed up


also even though Royal Mail show my

router as delivered back to you on 13/5 there is no record of it with you 


so no doubt I’ll have another week of tooing and frooing once you charge me £50 for non return even though we both know you’ve had it.   I’ve printed my proof from Royal Mail and kept my receipt ready for that next complaint

One high point is I can now log in again so I can actually see bills you were saying were overdue even though I couldn’t previously see them, didn’t get an email and you didn’t claim by the still setup direct debit 


be grateful for any explanation otherwise will see what’s happens tomorrow.   Thanks


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Hi @pdm531


Thanks for your post, sorry that you are having problems.


If you would like us to look into this, please can you update your community profile to include your home telephone number, we will then be able to have a look at your  account.

To do this go into 'my settings' then 'personal information' then add your details.