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Dear talktalk,

All means to reach out to you were unsuccessful. Can you give me a call please?
My reasons for leaving are many, the download and upload speed you provided is not what you promised. 
You deducted your monthly bill when I have not used the service for up to a month. You also planned to charge me £176.06 for exit fees, while your policy says I can exit for free within 20days of being live.
You are not fair in dealing with me, to be honest with you.
I have contacted SSE and they said you can take over the service since Saturday 10/07/21, and I have been trying all means to reach you. 
I have received a new router for a new order from you, you need to take over the current line from SSE, because I can't keep both broadbands.
Kindly give me a call before closing hour today.