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Frequent disconnects for the past few weeks

First Timer

For the past couple of weeks I've been getting frequent disconnects, most notable during online video games, but today I've been getting disconnects just watching Netflix. In fact it's been so bad today that that evey time I use the tech support chat it disconnects, which is why I'm writing here.


I complained on Oct 12th and I was told we had a faulty router. We have been sent a new router (after TalkTalk sent me the wrong product) but nothing's changed. To be honest it feels like I was told the router was faulty just to get rid of me.


A couple of weeks ago one of my favourite game Overwtach was unplayable online. I followed the advice on their tech support forums and got got a great response from them


Here's a traceroute too ...

Tracing route to []

over a maximum of 30 hops:


 1 *      1 ms   1 ms   ttrouter []

 2 *      *      *      Request timed out.

 3 5 ms   5 ms   5 ms []

 4 5 ms   5 ms   6 ms []

 5 10 ms  12 ms  10 ms []

 6 11 ms  11 ms  11 ms

 7 *      *      *      Request timed out.

 8 11 ms  11 ms 11 ms

 9 12 ms  12 ms 12 ms

10 13 ms  14 ms 13 ms

11 12 ms  12 ms 12 ms

12 *      *     *       Request timed out.

13 * Charles-PC.lan [] reports: Destination host unreachable.


Trace complete.

Community Team

Hi Charlesr456


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults. I can only see 1 re connection.


Do you experience this issue if you connect wired?





First Timer

It's inconvenient for me to us a wired connection right now, but over the past couple of days I have been using the powerline adapter I usually use for the TalkTalk TV box where I can. I am pleased to say have had no disconnection issues with the powerline adaper so I've bought another one for my PC.


The WiFi is still bad though and practically unusable on my PC. It doesn't really matter now that I'll be switching to a powerline adapter, but it's disappointing because I spent a lot of money on my PC's wireless hardware.


Weirdly these disconnection issues only seem to happen on the household's Windows 10 devices. As far as I can tell my PS4 doesn't have disconnection issues despite being on WiFi, and neither do our Android devices.


Another problem, and possible symptom that something is wrong, is that our internet speed is down to 20mbps from our promised speed of 30mbps which we did have in the beginning. When I do a speed test on the TalkTalk website, this is flagged as an issue and contacting tech support is listed as the recommended action.


So although I'm a lot less angry now, I still think something's not right.

Community Team

Hi Charlesr456


Thanks for your reply.


I've checked the connection stats again and your line is in sync at 21.4mb


Is your router connected at the test socket?





First Timer

No it's not. I didn't know test sockets were a thing. Should I plug the router into the test socket and see if anything changes? 

Community Team

Hi Charlesr456


Apologies for the delay.


Yes please can you connect the router at the test socket using a microfilter for 48hrs? We can then check the connection stats again on Wednesday to see if DLM has increased the speed any further in this set up.