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Got enough, how to get out of contract without too much damage?

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I had enough, when it starts to rain our broadband goes slow, very slow. It has been like this over the years and we have been with TT for nearly eight years.


However this time it's really bad. I have HG633 which is in bridge mode and unplugging then plugging phone line into it fixes the problem for few hours or until next day.


This is tiring and I am NOT going to call one more time TT support to answer all the basic questions. I am testing using direct cable connection (no wifi).


Trooli has built their fiber optic network on out street some three years ago and I want to try them out. More money but hopefully more reliable.


I still go 12 months of contract left. TT t&c state that if I want to cancel now I would have to pay them 10.20 pounds for each month of contract left. That's just over 120 pounds!


Is there any other easier way to get out of the contract? TT has right price but quality when it's raining is poor. I understand that this is not TT problem but Openreach. However Openreach has even changed a physical line (from pole to the house, not from exchange or cabinet) to our house few years ago when I was complaining to TT for few months and the problem still persisted. I don't have any more strength to fight the system. 


I have no problem to keep landline and phone number with TT.


Any ideas? help!


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@coli1  you cannot just keep you landline and number with TT, they do not offer phone-only packages.

Support Team
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Hi coli1


I'm really sorry to hear this.


We can investigate this fault for you on the Community.


If you would prefer to discuss cancelling your service then you would need to contact our Loyalty Team to discuss this further.