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HG633 - Latest Firmware dowload

First Timer


Would anyone have a link to download the latest firmware for my router please?


Product type:               HG633
Hardware version:      H.1.01
Software version:        v1.21t


Many thanks in advance!


Community Star

Hi @Random21447558


TalkTalk routers update themselves... provided you're connected to the TalkTalk network as a customer and have not switched off Remote Management.


The latest firmware / software version is v2.00t. 

 Gondola - Community support team

 To appreciate my help  . . .  If I offered a solution Best Answer

First Timer

Hi Gondola !


Thank you very much for the very quick reply!


However you have anwered another question, which would have been: "How can I upgrade my router to the latest firmware?". But that's not what I'm asking!  🙂


Maybe I'm not explaining myself properly.

In the router management interface, under "Maintain" > "Device Management" > "Firmware Upgrade", there is an option to upload and upgrade the firmware manually. That is what I need to do.


So: would anyone be kind enough to send me a link to download the latest firmware so that I can upgrade it manually please?


Thanks a lot,



Community Star

...I refer the honourable lady or gentleman to the Best Answer I gave previously.


Here's the explanation:  I know there's an option in the router management interface for a manual firmware upgrade but TalkTalk do not supply the firmware to anyone outside TalkTalk for a manual upgrade.


That's TalkTalk policy.  Set in stone.  No exceptions.


The only firmware upgrade route is via Remote Management.  The TalkTalk routers are set up by default to connect to the update server, on the TalkTalk network, every 24 hours.  The router will update automatically to the latest firmware.


Is there a reason why that doesn't work?

 Gondola - Community support team

 To appreciate my help  . . .  If I offered a solution Best Answer

First Timer

"I refer the honourable lady or gentleman to the Best Answer I gave previously"...  Best answer.. Hahahah.. Let us be the judge of that. You like yourself quite a lot, don't you?  🙂

Well, anyway, thank you for taking the time to reply, i genuinely appreciate it, even if it wasn't the answer I was looking for. At least you've answered one question: as often, TalkTalk is below par. With the services they provide, the hardware they supply, their security (I'm still getting spam and calls because of their poor security practice and the hack that followed), or their policies, "Set in stone.  No exceptions.". All very poor. But that's not your fault.


Right, I'm off shopping for a new router then.


So long!

Community Star

...I like TalkTalk looking after my router as do TalkTalk customers.


Bye Bye, random lady or gentleman!

 Gondola - Community support team

 To appreciate my help  . . .  If I offered a solution Best Answer

First Timer

I'm with you Random21447558 this service is not what i signed up for.


providing inadequate / inferiour product then when they go wrong or not working WE have to pay for an Engineer... Great business model, I suspect the engineers are very busy earning TalkTalk lots of money, due to their poor equipment.


When the line works fine but the WiFi on the router is poor (have to be in the same room for it to work) All I ever get is "I've tested the line and it is working at the expected speed" when that is not the issue.


I've been a frustrated customer for 9 years now it's time to say good bye I think.

Team Player

My firmware is v 1.14t  and supposidly auto updated but clearly isnt being done

So, please provide the firmware as requested.



All manufactureres and ISP will give you a firmware, there are no secrets

Community Team

Hi Sad-sack46,


If you'd like us to take a look at this for you can you start your own thread and we'll be happy to help


Community Team

Hi NorthantsPete,


I've checked and your router is running the latest firmware 



My router says it is running 1.04ttb whatever that means. How can you force it to check for the latest?



Community Team

Hi Bob


Are you a TalkTalk Business or residential customer?