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HIGHER cost for a LOWER BB Speed

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I am approaching the end of my 18 month 'Faster Fibre' contract with TT, who informed me that "the estimated download speed would be between 22.4 and 31.7Mb/s with a Guaranteed Min. BB Speed of 20Mb/s.  During this time, my D/L speed has never attained the estimated minimum, and has regularly been below the 'Guaranteed' minimum.  This is despite seven separate visits from BT Engineers (new BT incoming line eventually fitted), and two replacement routers and a free "Fibre Speed Boost" from TT.


When the latest BT Engineer visited today, he replaced a faulty length of cable feeding my property, which resulted in an increase from 16.2 to 22.2Mb/s.


Even though I was still not getting the estimated minimum speed indicated by TT, I was nevertheless most pleased with the 30% speed increase, so I rang TT to  take out a further contract.   Customer Services Manager (Gina) with whom I spoke , informed me that their Fibre Speed Boost would no longer be available, as "the system will automatically delete this from my current plan when it ends next month, and it cannot be re-instated".  The fastest speed that TT could guarantee under my new contract would be 13.8Mb/s - a reduction of nearly one third! - and that it would cost me more than my current contract price.


I pointed out to Gina that the TT website was currently offering to customers in my Post Code Area "Superfast Fibre + Anytime Calls" (Average speed 67Mb/s) for a lower cost, so why could I not have that deal.  "That is for New Customers ONLY" I was informed.


It would appear that having been with TT for over 10 years, customer loyalty means nothing, as they want to charge me more for reducing my BB speed by  over 30%.


Can any OCE kindly confirm that the information given to me on the phone today is correct please?


Thanks in anticipation of your reply.


The generic postcode area speed is pretty pointless.


What your line can handle depends on the distance to the fibre cabinet, so varies with each individual address and phone line.


As your line could NEVER handle above 40 Mbps, the boost now cannot be added by mistake, which has happened, so be thankful for that.


If you had the boost, then with those estimates you were mis-sold it !


If your sync speed is now 22.2 Mbps, that's what it will stay at if the fix has worked and is above the minimum guaranteed speed quoted by you in paragraph one.


The new minimum guaranteed speed of 13.8 does not mean it will fall to that, but only when it goes below that will TT/Openreach regard the line as faulty.