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How do I ask TalkTalk for a DLM reset request after a line fault has been sorted?

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I lost my phone & broadband at the end of las week. Openreach have resolved the issue and have suggested that I contact TalkTalk for a DLM reset, how do I go about doing this? 


Support Team
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Hi jampix


Have you added the correct landline number to your Community Profile? (please do not post the details on this thread)






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Hi @jampix,


If the fault really is fixed then DLM will restore your speeds by itself, it will just take several days to do it. If you are on an ADSL service then the staff here on the community can arrange a DLM reset, but they won't be around now until Monday to help. If you are on Fibre then the staff here can't do a DLM reset as Fibre DLM is totally managed by Openreach.


If you are on ADSL then for one of the TalkTalk staff on this community to be able to look into this you will need to update your community profile to include your name, landline telephone number that your TalkTalk service is provided on & an alternative contact number. This will allow them to identify you, and they will then be able to help.


Don't post any personal details in this thread, just add them to your community profile.