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Huawei DG8041W router Kernel Panic issue

Insightful One
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I've seen a few topics now about the issue of the Huawei DG8041W router rebooting due to "Kernel Panic". I'm aware that this affects routers with the v1.05 firmware and that a v1.06 firmware has been developed to fix this specific issue.


My question, which I can't see has been answered anywhere, is simply this:

What is the root cause of the issue?


Most people have the DG8041W with v1.05 firmware and it works perfectly well, only a small minority of people suffer the problem. This doesn't make sense to me. Surely all routers of the same model (and therefore the same hardware) and the same firmware should behave in the same way. Why then do a small number experience problems?

They have implemented a fix for the problem in firmware v1.06, therefore they must know what causes it.



Support Team
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Hi AllyM


Unfortunately we don't have any further information in regards to this, we have only been advised to try a different FW version.






Problem Solver
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@AllyMwrote,  "Surely all routers of the same model (and therefore the same hardware) and the same firmware should behave in the same way."


Unfortunately not. Every user on the net uses their equipment in sometimes quite subtely different ways. They may use the same hardware, firmware and software, but they typically use it at different speeds and software in different combinations, therefore using different routes and pathways through the firmware.


The vast majority of routines within  a broadband router depend on very complex timing and sequencing, at (say) 40 Mbps this timing can obviously be critical.  No two users will ever use their router in exactly the same (logical) way, with exactly the same timed sequences. Deep firmware problems may only exhibit for a very small number of users and can be difficult to identify, diagnose and fix. In fact, until there is a sufficient number of similar failures some problems may go unrecognised, rebooting can cover (disguise) a multitude of errors.


So your premise of everything being equal is in fact quite a long way from real world usage.


Also, no equipment vendor (like TT) will publish details of faults such as this, particulary as the "base" firmware is not TT's.