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I can no longer access my router HG633

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I can no longer access my router although managed to a couple of days ago and discovered a device that i did not recognise and blocked it. I have tried to log in using admin and my password then clicking on log in and nothing happens so not sure if i have done something wrong.

I have pressed the reset on the back of my router and tried again but nothing can anyone suggest anything please. I have also just noticed that at the top left of the log in screen says not secure, worried now.

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Hi @julierm


Remove any Ethernet connections to the yellow sockets at the back of the router and connect up a notebook with the supplied Ethernet cable to the router.  Then with a different browser, or if you clear the cache on the existing browser, key in to the address bar (Click here)


Check the time setting on your notebook or device to make sure that's correct.


Don't worry about the login screen saying insecure - that's just a browser response to the login being http rather than https but it's not a concern as you're not accessing the Internet just the router management interface.


The Super router Username is: admin
The Super router Password is unique to every router and is on the top half of the router's back label.

If you're out of attempts then factory reset the router by holding an opened paperclip into the reset hole, push until a gentle click is felt / heard and hold for 8 to 10 seconds or so until the led's go out then release and let the router reboot then login with the default password.


  • Connect a device to the router using the supplied Ethernet cable
  • Open an Internet browser on that device
  • Enter into the address bar
  • Log into the router's management interface
  • Enter a Username of admin and the unique Router Password
    (see the top half of the label on the rear of the router)


For the HG633 router:

  • Click on the large Administrator box (right side)
  • Click Edit
  • Enter the existing or default password (top box)
  • Enter a new ultra-strong password
    (I recommend at least 10 multicase letters numbers and symbols)
  • Reconfirm that password (lower box)
  • Click Save button
  • Click logout button (top right)
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Okay thank you i will try that now.

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Thank you done!!!! although i lost internet connection for ages my network dissapeared from available networks so had to re-connect just got back on and all ok thank you.

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Hi julierm


Thanks for taking time to let us know. Feedback is always good.


Welcome to Community.

 Gondola - Community support team *

 To appreciate my support  . . .  If I helped with a solution Best Answer