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IP address been used by someone else?

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On visiting some websites recently,  it indicated my location as being in the Ilford (Essex) area?

I do live in Essex, but some 30 miles from Ilford.

Also, on Facebook whilst clearing log information recently it showed in a few cases, past history logged in at that location. I do not live in that area so could someone else have used/be using my IP address? Is there any way of checking?

Many thanks.

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Hi @JarlJ 


The geographic location defined by the dynamically allocated IP address is at the Edge router connecting you to the TalkTalk network.


It's not your home location nor the telephone exchange location. And you're not always connected to the same Edge router all the time. So your IP location can change from one Edge router to another.


If someone else was signing in to your Facebook account it would be from a different IP address than any you've been allocated. That's when you need to worry and to secure your password.

 Gondola - Community contributor

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Thanks Gondola,
I understand now about IP address. I changed my Facebook password recently as a matter of routine.
Your response is much appreciated