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In order to resolve some continual problems I've been having with some online game connections, I have set up an IPV6 tunnel. Allowing my network a working IPV6 tunnel has resolved the problems completely. While searching for information on TalkTalk's IPV6  rollout I have noted may other people deploying tunnels / complaining of the lack of support.


IPV6 is now a nescesary part of internet provision. When are TalkTalk going to roll it out to customers? There really is no reason not to give your customers a routed /56 IPV6 block.


Because of my tunnel rollout I am now having trouble with Netflix, who treat Tunnel Broker as a VPN. I am therefore forced to chose between one problem of the other because TalkTalk are failing to provide a proper service.


Given the years people have been asking for this, would TalkTalk like to give us a timetable on IPV6 deployment?


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I'm sorry but as Michelle said, we don't have any timescale at the moment, apologies for any inconvenience




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any comments on my example above?


From a very quick search of this forum I can see users asking about IPV6 in posts going back to 2014. Other ISPs have got this sorted, while TalkTalk are still giving the same non-answers years later. This issue is not going to go away.


Unfortunately I am now commited to an 18 month contract with TalkTalk, but I will not even consider remaining after that time if your IPV6 rollout is not complete by that point.


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"Could you let me know how TalkTalk suggest that users deal with the increasing need for IPV6 while also avoiding the problems that tunnel mechanisms can cause?"


Two weeks with no answer?


Suppose we take the situation of two people in a house running the same service, expecting to listen on the same port. Person A gets it working well with a port forward. Person B is now stuck, because a single port can be forwarded to a single machine only.


Why do TalkTalk feel it's acceptable to leave customers with these problems?


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@Michelle-TalkTalkthanks for the swift answer. I understand that you personally have no sway over these decisions, but I would like to point out that a government report from 2010 points out the necessity of migration and the problems continued stretching of the IPV4 address space will cause. These problems are here. I, as a TalkTalk customer, am having to deal with them.


The fact that I was quickly able to find evidence that the industry and government knew this needed doing over a decade ago really leaves no excuse for any ISP to not have completed IPV6 rollout by now. Not even having a timescale is just ridiculous!


Could you let me know how TalkTalk suggest that users deal with the increasing need for IPV6 while also avoiding the problems that tunnel mechanisms can cause?


Support Team
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Unfortunately I don't have any timescales or dates on this but it is something that the business are aware of and working towards.