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Intermittent Disconnects

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Hello all,


I have a what I believe quite a weird issue with two of my laptops and sometimes mobile devices disconnecting from the network. 


I'm mainly concerned about the laptops. One is my Gaming Laptop, HP Omen and the other is my Work Laptop, a Dell. Both have an Intel Wireless Chipset.


In regards to my Gaming Laptop, when I load up Forza, the Xbox Sync window appears, then it freezes and says it can't connect. I tab back to Windows and my whole network driver has a spasm. Its not until I actually close Forza back down, that I'm able to reconnect. Steam also has random connection issues, as in, I could be playing an online game and then all of sudden, huuuge latency, spikes and disconnects etc, but, my laptop is still connected in this instance, unlike Forza. 


I'm pretty certain this is an issue with the router, if I tether from my phone, everything is absolutely fine. All my drivers are up to date too. I've even reached out to HP as I'm still under Warranty.


What I've tried, for now at least, is to rename the SSIDs for each broadcast so, a 2G and a 5G rather than it being combined. I've checked the port forwarding and can see a rule has been added for the Xbox services too. Other than that, I'm totally out of ideas. 


I've also spoken to Talk Talk chat, who said everything was fine regarding the connections and health etc. 


Has anyone witnessed this themselves?


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Hey WattyAd, 


Sorry for the delayed reply, we're doing our best in these unprecedented circumstances due to the Corona virus to answer everyone as quickly as possible. I have had a look over your connections now you are at the top of the queue. I have found you are on extremely busy WIFI channels. While I don't think this will be part of your problem it's not going to help things.


Your 2.4GHz was sharing channel 6 with 6 other routers in the local area. I have changed this to channel 8 to avoid these. 


Your 5GHz band was sharing channel 36 with 16 other devices. I have changed this to channel 56 as 44 was also quite busy.


Please test these out. I have marked your post as the answer so people know to try the steps you have taken. Please let us know if you are having any further issues.


Thanks and stay safe!




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For anyone who reads this, I have managed to resolve now after many hours of research. Steps taken;


  • Split the SSID's into 2G and 5G
  • I actually factory reset my laptop too, don't believe this was the issue, but hey ho. 
  • Connected to the 2Ghz SSID, didn't have an issue. 
  • Connected to the 5Ghz SSID, had the same issue.
  • Changed the Broadcast of the 5Ghz network to 40hz from 80hz. Worked fine. 

Seems to be an issue with the driver and the default Hz of the 5G network. I have HP calling back on Monday so will explain the issue to them. 


The driver I have is rated for 160mhz so I don't know what's going on here. I'll take it as a win for now. 


Team Player
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Hi, I can't say I've experienced the disconnects, but since you asked I have witnessed and sometimes have issues with the latency, high ping etc... Not much else to add here but I know how you feel.