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Internet Drops when starts to rain.

First Timer
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We have an increasing problem that our internet often drops when it starts to rain. This lasts for a few minutes then will reconnect itself. I assume this is a fault with the wires coming into the house, or further along the system. How can this be investigated as happens almost always at the start of rain now? makes it difficult when doing on-line teaching 😞


Support Team
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Hi Chris,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line now which hasn't detected a fault, however I can see a few re-connections on the line. Is it raining at the moment? Is the voice service also affected?





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Hi @ChrisHay,


Staff here will be able to help, but obviously if they run a test during dry weather it may not detect a fault. 


You could try running a connection test yourself by going to the Service Centre, if you managed to run a test at a time when the weather was affecting your connection then it is more likely the test would detect an issue with the wiring and may then arrange an engineer callout automatically. You can also access this from the ‘My Account’ site.


Staff here should be able to respond to this post within a day or two to assist further.