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Internet connection dropping with Dlink 3680 router

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Hi Everyone,

I am acting on behalf of my 82 year old mother For the last year maybe more, her broadband has been playing up:

1] The TalkTalk DSL 3680 broadband router frequently, at least 2 times an hour, drops the Internet and the corresponding green lights disappears. Sometimes it automatically returns after a few minutes though more often it needs switching on and off to work. I visit regulalry to work from home but cannot rely on the connection . 


2] This happens daily, in the morning, afternoon or evening and late at night.

The TalkTalk router is very old and I am wondering whether it needs replaced. They have never been offered an upgrade or replacement


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Hi wendymthomas1


Thanks for the Private Message.


The replacement router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.






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Hi wendymthomas1


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Please can you send me a Private Message to confirm the name on the account, I can then send you a replacement router.





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Yeah it feels likely.  We have survived it for 6 years, so can wait a little longer


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It is a bit long in the tooth to be fair! Do bear in mind that the forums do not offer real time support, so it may not be until the early part of next week that you get a response.

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thanks, Its kindoff a joint account.  I have put the details in my profile


Useful links - appreciate it - but I have tried most.  I think its a faulty router as they have had the same since 2014!


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Have you worked your way through the help topic?


Subject to that make sure that it is clearly your mother's number in your community profile so that the support team can access the account.