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Internet keeps dropping

First Timer



I have recently joined TalkTalk (little over two weeks ago) and am having a problem with my internet dropping. The LED for the internet keeps turning red which happens a few times a day.


I was told at the time it might take about two weeks for the service to stabilise but this issue has still been going on. 


I did not come over this problem with my previous provider so would be interested to know if I missed something during the setup or if anyone is having a similar issue. 



Popular Poster

Hi @THolesinsky 


Sorry for no help on your thread. I will try and help you to the best that I can. I hope you are still on TT


I am going to guess that you are on a Dlink router. The Dlink routers have an option to turn off the router after a certain amount of inactivity. You can find this by logging into your router (usually and log in using the admin credentials, found on your router. Click advanced settings and change the time out option.


If you aren't on Dlink, or if this doesn't solve your problem, you might have a bigger problem on your hands.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi THolesinsky


I'm sorry to hear this.


Can you please update your community profile to include your:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Alternative contact number

We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated.