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Just posted something and got a message that it was spam?




I just added a post and it was flagged as being spam.  My post 'Fast Broadband with TV - Speed Expectations', is not spam!  Please could I let this be known.  I am genuinely asking if anyone knows what the official speed of this package is?



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Hi @Spanner 


Sorry for not having anyone reply, I will try and help you to the best that I can now.


Most providers (except from Virgin Media) rely on BT Openreach to give them internet infrastracture to reach you. The copper wires can give you 11Mbps and they are often the cheapest option. I assume that this is what you mean by 'Fast Broadband' (because that's what TT calls it). If you were with someone else, such as Plusnet or Sky before, and they used the copper lines too, you can expect to get roughly the same speed as them.


If you need a more indepth analysis of this, go to and enter your postcode and phone number so that TT can work out what speeds your property can get.