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Linking an Asus DSL-AC68U router to Sagemcom-FAST5364 router

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I'm looking to link my DSL-AC68U router to the Sagemcom-FAST5364 router so that I can use the hard drive of the DSL for my media and local storage whilst still using the FAST5364 as my main router.


I've found I have a more reliable Wi-Fi connection using the Talk Talk provided Sagemcom-FAST5364 but unfortunately this does not give me the option to connect a hard drive (as far as I'm aware).


Is anyone able to guide me through this process?






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Check the Sagemcom DHCP range is set to to 254 (pretty sure that is the default anyway)


Connect to the DSL router whilst it is offline and set the IP address to and then disable DHCP, save the changes and reboot if prompted.


If WiFi optimisation is still active on the Sagemcom, to prevent interreference, disable the WiFi completely on the DSL.


Connect the routers together using LAN1 ports on both router.


I have just done this on a Huawei HUB with a HG633 as the slave so I can access my backup USB drive connected to the HG633.


Mapping the drive in Windows 10 was easy, the path was \\\share


The only issue was that both my Windows 10 laptops could connect to the HG633 by both LAN and WiFi but reported "no internet connection" whereas a very old Windows XP laptop and my Android phone got full functionality.


I couldn't for the life of me figure out why and in the end ran a Windows troubleshooter which identified a network settings issue, after allowing the repair and a reboot they now work.