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Loss of internet. Red light remains on

First Timer

I have spent over two hours on the phone clearly not UK based regarding no internet connection even though I have Wifi. I have just received a new router but the problem remains the same. Talk talk have now arranged for an engineer to attend but that visit is a week away. As I run my own business this is just unacceptable. I have to say that up until now I have never had any issues relating to their service. Would anyone have a quick fix that I can try as a matter of urgency. Can I contact a UK based customer service ? Please help. Thank you 

Insightful One
According to this
TalkTalk Business has 600 UK support staff.
If you are using a home contract for business use, you'll just have to wait your turn and interact with the overseas call centres.
The support staff and members here may be able to help with fault diagnosis, but are not able to prioritise an engineer visit unless a vulnerable person is affected.
PS. If you are on a home contract and using it for business without written permission, you are actually breaking the TT Terms and Conditions !
Community Team

Hi Steveh01


I can see there is no internet connection,  Can you check the home phone and confirm if you have a clear dial tone on your line ?





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First Timer

Hi Karl, thank you for getting back to me. Yes there is a clear phone line. The talk talk engineer has been and stayed that it was the external connection into the house that was at fault. I guess the server to the Router. A BT engineer has been appointed to check there end. Still not sure why that would be as the contact centre stated that the signal into the house was good?? 

First Timer

The talk talk engineer did say that there was two possible connections both fibre optic and the old system which he found rather odd as we do not have fibre optic service. 

Community Team

Hi Steve,


Thanks for the update, please let us know how the engineer visit goes


First Timer

All sorted. Apparently an engineer at the exchang connected to the fibre route and not the adsl. Hence no internet even though I had a signal for WiFi and broadband. 

Community Team

Hi Steveh01,


Thanks for keeping us updated and I'm glad to hear that the fault has been resolved :)