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Mis-sold Contract? / Min Guaranteed speed is different from what was promised

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I was looking to leave TalkTalk a few weeks ago because the broadband connection was really poor off late (internet was dropping multiple times every day and this was intensely frustrating when it happened during work calls) and my contract was due to end anyway. I was then offered a new contract stating that a newer updated router would be sent and that would fix the internet connectivity dropping issues. I agreed, the new contract was sent via email (Fibre 65 package, same speed etc as I previously had) and a new router was sent (5365?).


The new router didn't help. The internet totally dropped off yesterday and an engineer came in today and changed to a different router (5364, I think?). Now, I finally do have internet since this afternoon and I don't yet know if the internet 'drop' issues have been resolved or not - I have to wait and watch.


Meanwhile, the engineer pointed out that my min guaranteed speed was 35 Mbps on his notes, whereas the email contract I have from TalkTalk states "You can look forward to an estimated download speed between 54.3Mbps and 77.6Mbps with a minimum guaranteed speed of 44.0Mbps." 


I was on the call for nearly an hour today with Loyalty team, Billing team, Tech team, Retentions team and then again Tech team.. when the phone connection dropped off. I am not calling in again and thought I'd use the forum instead considering I spent close to an hour and got nowhere. The Tech/Retentions team seemed to agree this sounds like a mis-sold contract or it is some miscommunication between departments.. but I have no idea what is the next step.


The bottomline is - My account is currently setup for a min guaranteed speed of 35Mbps. That is not what I agreed to or signed up for. Like I mentioned earlier, the email from Talktalk regarding the new contract sent last week states the min speed is 44Mbps (quote from email is above). This is the same as what I was getting for the past 2 years and at no point was I looking to downgrade the speed.


Please advise what needs to be done to update the min guaranteed speed 44Mbps as was promised on the new contract email. 


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At the test socket you plug in a microfilter and then connect both broadband and phone to that.


Both phone and internet will work, however any internal extensions will be disconnected.


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Would switching to the test socket disconnect the internet at home? Just checking that I don't lose internet while waiting for someone to test this out.


Support Team
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I've run a test on the line which has detected a possible issue towards the property and I can see that the sync speed has dropped. Does your main socket have a test socket? If it does then if possible please can you connect the microfilter, router and phone at the test socket so we can re-run the line test again please.