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Moving home

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Looking for some advice on a house move.....


I recontracted a couple of months ago, I knew we were moving and fully assumed that we would be able to find a house to move into and order the home moving service.  Job done, easy!


However, it now looks as though we will be moving out of our house in early August but will have to stay with parents for a few months while we try and find a house.


We're totally happy to stay with TalkTalk and we're happy to keep paying the monthly payments while staying at our parents house (they already have broadband with another provider), we're even happy to keep paying with no service, if we have to, in order to keep the contract going.


So can I order the home move service, give my moving out date, keep paying the monthly payments and then tell TalkTalk when we finally have a house to move into?


Or, do we just have to suck it up and pay the early termination fees?


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Hi mappy24


Thanks for your post. 


Difficult one, we don't offer a pause function for accounts, and as the new homeowners may order a new service the account will have to be cancelled or as Gliwmaeden2 suggested ask if they would like to take over the ownership of the service. 


Otherwise you will need to call us on on 03451720046 you might get a sympathetic loyalty team member who could stop the cancellation fee. 


Hope that helps. 




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Presumably somebody is moving into your old house?


I reckon that you are going to have to liaise with them too, @mappy24.


They might have their own ideas about who they want to go with for telecoms. 


Hard to see what the best way forward is. You can change ownership of an account, so the new owners could take it over, and let the contract run its course that way. You'd then have to pay a set up fee when you find a new home.


You could keep the old contract going in your own name if you can trust the new owners ....! Then fix up the new home move as and when...


You could just cancel, and pay the early termination fees. Possibly it is the least complex option, and remember that any boosts or extras you have can be stopped any time as long as you have had them at least a month.


The early termination fees only apply to the Broadband and line rental part of your service. 


House moves are so unpredictable....just a shame that you recontracted!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.