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My Home Move Cancelled By TalkTalk

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The TalkTalk website is very misleading and has caused me great stress while trying to move my package to my new home. It says regarding moving home, you can Do it online, its quick, easy and hassle free. I did request a home move but it was then cancelled by TalkTalk who sent me a text telling me that I had cancelled the request - which is totally not true. I then spent ages on a very frustrating chat with "Promise"  who advised there was a problem with the phoneline in my new home but gave no information how this could be rectified and how I could complete my TalkTalk Home Move. Please can you find out 1/ why TalkTalk cancelled my home move request and then accused me of cancelling it?, 2/ If there is a problem with the phone line in my new home,  please can TalkTalk fix it directly with BT Openreach? 3/ Can you please move my package ASAP to my new home. 4/ If it is not possible for TalkTalk to move my package to my new home, will TalkTalk rescind my contract. I believe this should be the case because TalkTalk cannot provide me with the services in my package in my new home that I am paying for. I do hope you can arrange to successfully move my TalkTalk package to my new home. Its only six miles from the old one. it seems bizarre that TalkTalk say my package cannot be moved because of the line but offer no solution to fix the line to allow my package can be moved. I have been a TalkTalk Customer for almost 20 years and am extremely disappointed with the way this home move request has been dealt with.



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Hi Rhozelle,


I'm sorry to hear your home move order has been cancelled, we'd like to look into this. Have sent you a PM requesting for further details.





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@Rhozelle, your thread is in the queue for attention. Please look out for a reply from TT staff. 


I've moved the nearly identical duplicate out of the way.


If you wish, you can edit your original post if you want to tweak it. Bottom right of each post is a menu with three vertical dots. The editing option is in there. Then you just click "post" again, and any revisions will be updated.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Have you moved already ?


If so, is there actually a Master Socket fitted at the property ?


If you have not moved yet and the property has a service from another company that has not yet ended, you making an order would generate a "someone is trying to take over your line" message to the current occupier out of the blue and they may have told their provider to cancel that unexpected order.


Unless the property is vacant and without service, you need to talk to the current occupiers, letting agent or solicitors.


TT are under no obligation to provide a service at all addresses and if they cannot you will have to cancel your service and pay any termination fees due.