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My Landline is dead & internet super slow AGAIN!!!

Enlightened One
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I have been a loyal customer for 19 years and never missed a payment. 8 of those years at my new house nothing but problems and changing isp would make no difference its still the same connection if you ask me Openreach is giving TT and other isp a bad reputation. but i will say TT call centres are a disgrace.


Every year there is always something wrong that needs fixed does anyone from TT understand how stressful this is for me i suffer from really bad depression this is not right and i am sick of it can not wait to see the end of this internet connection and phone i have


Openreach guy has sabotaged my phone and internet connection
on June 16th Wednesday at about 4:30pm he pulled up across the road
from my house lifted the manhole cover then got his tools he was messing with
a bunch or wires. With a device connected making beeping noises
5 minutes later my internet went down and reconnected 3 times by the time i checked
my speed and phone he had gone or i would have been out there to talk to him.
my phone worked before i last checked it on Tuesday.


He needs to lose his job. I say this because i know a few old people 1 90 year old who 100%
relies on their land line for family or if they need things or need to make a 999 call if unwell
imagine if he did that to them.


I was watching Gordon Ramsay at the time on youtube and then constant buffering
at 1080p my blood pressure went through the roof when i logged in to my router and so
the sync speeds and checked my phone.


So my phone is not working slow speeds and line voltage is at 0 volts should be at 50 volts test took at test socket with my DMM.


sync speed is now 13 mbps down 0.34mbps up. Last year my internet was stuck at this speed for 2 month well below minimum what i was paying for i was so Angry. No one ever came out then one day it went to full speed tt still charge me full amount.


it was synced at 25mbps down and 5mbps up. And on the 1 June it was at 27mbps then 2 June 26mbps then 24mbps at times it gets to 18mbps random drop-outs then after some weeks/months back to 26 27mbps that's what i mean unstable junk then 2 to 5 minute wait for it to reconnect 2 times a day at times. That DLM is junk and needs scrapping.


all speed test are with cable nothing with my setup has change and i am using my TT router




and TT SERVICE CENTRE is Trash this is 2 screen caps from just now 21 June
it is impossible for a speed measurement of 21mbps today or any other day since 16 June
i will even enable TR69 so you can screen for yourself



This is not the first time this has happen with Openreach last time was about 6-7 years ago it was Sunday morning i was watching youtube i went to cook some breakfast i looked out of the window Openreach guy was up the pole after breakfast went to watch youtube no internet or phone hours and hours across many days using my mobile on to TT overseas call centres rubbish it took TT 1 month to get someone out to fix it then i had to jump through hoops
to get my money back for the month of internet i did not have and received no compensation as promised.


I have had enough of this its been stressful from day 1 since kelly communications got there hands on it 8 years ago.


what i don't understand i have been a TT customer 19 years

10 of those years were at my old house i never had a problem phone always worked
internet always worked BT were never out once to fix anything 100% reliable and stable
TTs transfer of service to new home went flawless.


problems started after faster fibre was installed about 8 years ago
9 years at my new house 8 years of stress phone been down 4 times now.
internet lost count 100s of times its always dropping out 2 to 5 minutes at a time that stupid DLM sometimes for 4 hours speeds are like a yo-yo up down up down but rarely below minimum no internet or phone for 1 month many calls to TT before someone came out about 6 years ago Openreach have been out about 15 times i would say lost count 5 of those was for the same problem.

maybe it was better when it was BT before Openreach took over.


I am not paying for this unstable fake fibre rubbish any longer.


My Upgrade Options
a part from a email i was sent as upgrade options a few week back "The first option available to you is to stay on your existing service and continue enjoying the same reliable connection"

RELIABLE CONNECTION??? WHAT PART OF MY CONNECTION IS OR AS BEEN RELIABLE is this a joke or just to make me mad i have had no other option till now if i could i would have got virgin but its not in my area.




Good news for me
Dont know how i missed this email but This has made me a lot happier
Been waiting years for this looks like there's a light at the end of the cable after all. IR light but it's still light The second option available to you is upgrading to one of our faster products, such as Fibre 150 - Data Only. It’ll cost you just £32.00 per month.


I would Love to upgrade to real fibre to the house ASAP now it is available in my area can i arrange that from here?
or what can i do instead of having to call TT customer services overseas it's a 100% nightmare


Thank you

I am a lot happier when I don't have to deal with TalkTalk customer services on the phone

Enlightened One
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now fixed but i had to turn off my router for 40 minutes for my download speed to get full speed
i was only getting 13 mbps even after a reboot Now at 25mbps



And Just as i thought a very polite Openreach woman called me the problem was a wire had been disconnected
but the real question is why was it disconnected in the first place


She fix the wire and reset DLM in under 30 minutes. 5 Stars


Just shows things can be fix quick so why did it take 1 month 6 years ago and hours and hours of my
time and money on my mobile. TTs overseas script readers that's why one who did not even know what DSL Sync was.


TT should be ashamed employing these people with 0% experience about faults.


Thank You so much Debbie for getting on this so fast i think i am still in shock it was fixed so quick.


Next step phone up next week for real fibre can not wait because its a 100% sure thing something
will we wrong with my current connection again there always is every year.


i don't like the new layout of was better before just my opinion.


Thank You

I am a lot happier when I don't have to deal with TalkTalk customer services on the phone

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Openreach have left notes to advise that a line engineer is due to investigate this fault today.


I will check on this fault again tomorrow for additional updates.





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Thank you for the fast reply i see i have a open case on TT SERVICE CENTRE to be fixed in 2 to 3 days


So i assume upgrade will not be available until the case is closed?

Can not wait to get rid of this internet for fibre.


Again thank you for getting on this so fast

Thank you

I am a lot happier when I don't have to deal with TalkTalk customer services on the phone

Support Team
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I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which has detected a fault so I have passed this over to Openreach to be investigated by a line engineer.


In regards to the upgrade email you have received, if you contact the number on the email then they can take a look at this for you.