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Need help?

My wifi is not working

Team Player

Hi can someone from the team please help. I don’t have wifi connection from the last 5 days. I am not able to work from home. Got a new router today and the wifi worked fine for couple of hours but no again since afternoon it has stopped working. Please resolve the issue 

First Timer

I feel for you. I have been experiencing the same problem. Engineer came out last weeksaying a new router is needed. Talk talk then refused to send one, but managed to get a new one after some persistence. 

Continue to have intermittent connection with new router,w makes it impossible to work from home and join in meetings. Did a health service check and it's also showing the connection been disconnecting.

Talk talk now stopped the text support, and can't through to anyone over phone. 

Any advice on how to get hold of talk talk support is appreciated.


Team Player

I have been continuously asking someone to help our with this. Can someone from the team please look into the issue atleast. 

Team Player

Same thing I got the new router today morning but it’s been on and off and not totally gone. Only talktalk is not working and they are not sorting this out.

First Timer
Yup. I feel so stuck. I tried calling their helpline but it won't go further after I told the automated service what the issue is, so I DK what to do
Team Player

This is my request to the talk talk team to please look into this issue and sort it. It’s been 6 days without internet/ wifi and it’s very difficult. Please look into the issue