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MyImmersun App (Solar Power diverter) not working - Firewall blocking?

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Hi Everybody,


I divert spare energy from my solar panels to my hot water cylinder to get free hot water using an "Immersun" unit.  The unit is connected to my Wifi via a Bridge and was, until six months ago, a good way of keeping an eye on the real-time amount of electricity generated and how much was being diverted to my immersion element.


I started having problems a while ago, about the time I switched to TalkTaslk broadband and the support staff at Immersun suggest that the most common fault is "a firewall on my Modem or Router blocking their iLink Bridge from communicating with their server".


Sounds like a smokescreen to me but has anybody else had this or a similar problem and found out how to fix it?  I have checked the settings on my account under Homesafe and only the Virus Alerts option is checked as on.  The blurb suggests this is an alert rather than an active filter.


Thanks for any help!


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If the connection comes in from the internet to this device you will need port forwarding enabled on the router. However, from your brief description, I am not sure that would be the case. I suggest you contact the support people for this device. If port forwarding is required, then I can offer a lot of help with this.

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