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New Huwei Router

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A few weeks back, I received a new router from TalkTalk, despite not having requested one. Subsequently, I received several emails from TT, telling me that I would need to change over to this router, in order to remain compatible with changes to the infrastructure. These were then followed by another email, which stated that TT had detected that I was not yet using the new router. Despite my existing router being perfectly functional, I did change and install the new one. However, I continue to get emails telling me that I still have to make the change.

On my account page, I can see that the new Huwei router is identified, but it also tells me that the software (firmware?) is out of date. However, there is no set of instructions for updating, that I can find.

Has anyone got any clues as to what is going on? To be frank, I am not impressed with this router. It has a far weaker WiFi signal than my own Netgear one, and I rarely see a full set of signal strength bars, even when I am only a few metres away. I have tried tweaking the position and made sure that there is no metallic obstructions, but to no avail. Also, why are we having this manufacturer imposed on us, despite the obvious concerns at government level about the security of these products?


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Hi @NeilM,


I'm assuming you are currently on ADSL (rather than fibre), if so it is likely that TalkTalk are planning to migrate your line over to Fibre in the near future (for no additional charge), so if the router you were using did not support fibre (it would need to support VDSL2) then it would stop working.


So they are sending out newer devices that support both ADSL and VDSL so they they will work now on your ADSL connection, and will also still work after your line is upgraded to Fibre, by having this new router connected it should mean your upgrade is fairly invisible (you would just get 5 - 10 mins of downtime whilst Openreach switch your line over to Fibre in the cabinet).


Can you confirm which model of Huawei router you have been sent, just to check if it is the new Wi-Fi Hub, or one of the older devices.

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The Huawei hardware with TT's own firmware is perfectly safe.


There are no concerns with Huawei routers, the paranoia was over 5G infrastructure.