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New router flashing orange

First Timer

I revived my new router a couple days ago. I’ve followed everything online and in the box to set it up. My go live date was the 26th and so my virgin media was cut off the 27th as I had changed from them. The router is plugged into the main phone socket with the micro filter and it’s just flashing orange. I’ve unplugged for a while and also reset to see if that made a difference which it didn’t. There is a dial tone on the phone but when checking my number it’s still saying the old virgin media number and not the new one talktalk has given me. I’ve tried to get in contact with them but due to coronavirus they have closed their live chat and when I call the automated voice just tells me to find what I need online which hasn’t helped. If anyone could help that would be great as we have no WiFi and that’s not great considering the circumstances of being stuck in the house for weeks. Thanks