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New router hasn't been connected

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I have received a new HG635 router from talktalk completely unsolicited.   I have been using my own ASUS router for years, so I haven't been using the old talktalk router. I have received a number of emails and now a letter through the post stating: 

"The improvements to your Broadband line are due to take place soon, but it looks like the new router we’ve sent you hasn’t been connected."

I am perfectly happy with the current service I get with my existing router, and I don't want to use the HG635 router because it doesn't support a "guest" network.  Reading some of the other posts it would appear that it is possible that my service is being upgraded to a fibre ( without me asking). My current ASUS router supports VDSL as well  so I suspect that all I would need to do is change some settings on my existing router. However the information received from talktalk tells me absolutely nothing. So could somebody tell me what is happening and what changes if any I need to make to my router. 


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Hi offthelip


Whilst there are no issues with using your own router, and many customers do, I would suggest using the router that has been sent just for a short while.  Our systems will detect the new router connected ans this will then flag to our teams so they can proceed to arrange an upgrade to fibre for your line.


Once upgraded you can of course switch to your own router.  If the received router is not connected, then the free upgrade may not progress, and if this is required you would need to contact our teams to place an order to upgrade your services to fibre if required.





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@offthelip your almost certainly correct in thinking TalkTalk are about to upgrade you to Fibre without you requesting the upgrade.  The upgrade will be free of charge and will occur without notice.  


You are definitely correct in thinking that this upgrade has been poorly communicated as as a result is causing unnecessary confusion and worry for people recieving unsolicited routers and, what some perceive as threatening, emails.


Given your ASUS router supports VDSL it should be able to carry on using it.  The only question is whether it will automatically detect the switch from ADSL to VDSL and just carry on after a slight blip or whether you will need to change modes manually when TalkTalk switch your connection.