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No Broadband or Internet Connection Light

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I started experiencing this yesterday, my routers Broadband and Internet connection light are not on. I have tried the physical troubleshooting techniques, unplugged and back in, on/off for 30mins, factory reset yet still nothing. I checked my system logs and found instances of system intrusion, I downloaded malwarebytes to my pc using my wifi hotspot and found 17 detections of potential malware yet still nothing. I also did a service status test through the talktalk website, which didnt detect any problems Would appreciate any help.


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Hi tyyran,


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You cannot stop any form of attempted intrusion attack on your router, that hasn't been previously blocked typically by the ISP. However, it will not be the cause of the problem you have currently. Have you tried the router connected to the test socket that is behind the master socket's removable faceplate (if you have that design)?

For your information, once this attempted attack comes into the router, it is blocked by the router's firewall. This firewall then sends a message to the router itself, telling it that this was blocked. The router then adds this for you to see in the log. It is not an indication of a malware infection on your PC.

That does not mean that you do not need the extra level of defence such as antivirus software and a personal firewall on your device.

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