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No broadband for 48hrs

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Over the last 48hrs I’ve lost broadband several times. Reboot, reset and disconnection for 20 mins as advised each time by the agents makes no difference. After 90 minutes on the chat each time, the ticket gets sent to the next level. On the first occasion, service was resumed after 6 hrs. However, it then went again the next day, and I’ve now been without it for over 24hrs. 

The chat agent always takes me through the same checks and 90 minutes later it gets passed to the next level, only this time I’ve not heard anything since. 

This is very frustrating as I rely on connectivity for my work. It would also be great if the chat agent had a different way to handle repeat issues rather than go through the same scripted process.


Constantly on Amber light and now eating up my mobile data! 


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Hi mdel72


Thanks @Gliwmaeden2 I didn't spot that.


Would you like me to send a different router for testing, @mdel72?



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@Debbie-TalkTalk, @mdel72's other thread is in the containment area. 


CSs keep finding staff answering on posts that customers will no longer be able to read, despite us clearly marking one as a duplicate. 


We don't always come across the earliest one first and, as volunteers, we don't always have time to check for earlier posts when we reply.


The earlier post is sometimes removed, but, as I say, clearly indicated so that staff know to reply to the remaining one. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

Support Team
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Hi mdel72


I have posted on your other topic on the Community, closing as duplicate thread.






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Thanks. Forum profile updated. 
I have tried calling them several times today, it rings and then cuts off. The ticket is supposed to be assigned to the next level support but the lack of comms is frustrating. I also was supposed to have someone call me about my customer service issue between 10am & midday today, and they didn’t call only for me to then receive a text message to say the appointment will now take place next Friday instead - no explanation as to why. Poor.


Update: just got through. It is still being investigated and I should get an update regarding the technical issue on Monday. Regretting leaving Sky now.


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Try reporting this by phone,  03451 720046, today till 7pm, 9am-6pm on Saturday. 


Not open Sunday. 


I'm afraid that forum staff will not now be back before Monday, @mdel72.


For them to follow up then, please add your Talktalk landline number to your community forum profile details for them to identify your account. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.