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No internet for 6 weeks shame on you.

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Ok where do I start, other than I am sick of hearing people from other countries apologise for what seems to be some inadequate people in the uk not helping me get my internet, so this is where I'm at right now I do hope that all my calls and texts and emails and all the other forms of communication that talktalk fails to help me on are recorded, because my memory is failing im a man at the end of my tether.

So last year I think it was the 26.11.18 I went live at my previous address and had internet for 12 months no problem, then coming to the end of contract with my landlord I had no option but to move house on 20.11.19. 
I tried talktalk's easy move format that all went through smooth, my go live date was set for 2.12.19. Since then I have tried chatting over chat, I have called numerous times, I have waited for calls which have not happened from talktalk, I'm so tired of all of this my whole family depend on the internet mainly my eldest child who is home schooled and can not complete assignments because of it.
So according to talktalk it's an open reach issue that needs to be resolved, talktalk even tried to put me through as a new customer that should have forced it, however that failed because the person helping didnt do the new customer initiation correctly. So talktalk tried to put me through as a new customer again and again it hasn't worked someone please help, Talktalk told me the previous supplier to my property will not release my line. So talktalk needs to act, I'm contracted to you so you deal with it now.
Also I have read on Ofcom's website which states, Talktalk has joined - From 01-04-19 the Automatic Compensation Scheme which means broadband and landline customers will get money back from their provider when things go wrong, without having to ask for it. ( I am paying for really bad mobile internet which has already set me back 150 pound just so I can contact talktalk and get some internet please someone help me.
I'm sorry if I have gone but why am I asking, I'm really mad at a company you're size.
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I can not help you Mctunez but i wan you to know i know how you feel.


I have been with talktalk since they was pipex and i have also reached the end of my tether with how bad they think they can treat their customers.


I am now in the process of finding a new ISP as i know talktalk will only cause me lots of stress at some point so im not going to let them make a profit from me no more.


Good luck and i hope you can get something sorted.

First Timer

Thanks for you're support, I see there is no activity as yet by anyone to help  but fingers crossed someone can.

Community Team

Hi mctunez


I'm afraid the order is showing as cancelled again.


I notice you have now raised a complaint Because of this, we on the community cannot interfere with any ongoing investigation. 


A manager will be in contact with you within the next 5 working days. 


I hope you get the resolution that you are looking for.




First Timer

Many thanks for your reply hopefully they will contact me, because the last two that were cancelled then put through as a new line they failed to contact me to let me know.  


If I get no responce from a manager or a human being, then I would like one of you guys to deal with it at least it is all in black and white for everyone to see how much talktalk failed me.