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No internet for almost 2 weeks!!

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Our internet stopped on Wednesday 31st March, we called Talktalk immediately, went through numerous checks with them, no joy so a Talktalk engineer was booked, he eventually arrived on the 8th April, he checked everything in our home and declared there were no faults. He advised it would now be passed over to Open, 11th. April I have spent almost 2 hours on the telephone to a customer service agent, he slowly worked his way through all the questions and checks we did on the 31st March and then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to charge £40 to send out an engineer, I almost flipped my lid! After the 2 hours he came to the solution that we can have an engineer visit free of charge! So an engineer visit is booked for Friday 16th, that will be day 17 without any broadband service, it will probably be the same man who came on the 8th and he will do exactly the same checks! 
How on earth do we get our internet back, we are at our wits end with Talktalk?


Support Team
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Hi Kenphyll


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults but the line is not in sync.


Is the router currently switched on?


I've also completed a radius re sync. Please can you factory reset your router using the pin hole reset for ten seconds and post back on this thread to let us know once the router has been switched back on?