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Need help?

No internet for two days, cannot work, need help!

First Timer

Hi there


Since yesterday lunchtime I have had no internet bar six hours between 6am and midday today. Constant red light on router. When it first happened yesterday I spoke with customer support over the phone for 40 mins where they ran through lots of tests, got me to check the phone socket etc. They concluded that it was a faulty router. I had my doubts about this as there was no indication the router was faulty. New router was dispatched.


Woke up for work this morning at 6am and the internet was working perfectly, confirming my doubts about the assessment of the router. At midday it went down again, constant red light returned to the router. New router arrived this afternoon and I installed it. This did not resolve the problem. Tried contacting customer services by phone and using online chat but these have been shutdown, with Coronavirus cited. There has been no building work, road works or changes to our flat etc. Internet has worked without issue for the last seven months that we've had the account.


My partner and I work for our local authority and we are having to deliver services to the public from home. Without the internet, we cannot do this. We urgently need to get back online. but right now cannot even log the issue with TalkTalk.


Any help out there please?




Community Team - TT Staff

Hi am180,


I'm sorry to hear this and I'll take a look. I've run a test on the line which has detected a loop fault which can often be caused by internal wiring or equipment connected to the line. Just to confirm, does your master socket have a test socket?


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