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I feel the need to vent.


I'm a Talktalk customer on month 20 of an 18 month contract for broadband and home phone line.  Over the last 18 months the service has been fine.  The occasional dropped connection but otherwise nothing to complain about.  This morning at 8am I wake up to a slow flashing orange light on the router.  OKAY I think.  "It will come back soon".


It does not.


So I log in to the router.  All my devices seem connected to the hub but I have no internet.  Hmmn.  Fine.  I check the DNS config - it's set to automatic.  Best just check it's not the DNS address - so I set them to Google and Cloudflare DNS and ... zilch.  Nada.  Still no internet.  Okay - I'll reset the gateway.  Nope - nothing.  Hmmm.  Okay that's odd.  Off and on again...always works right?  No.


So that's about the limit of my network engineering skills.  I log in to my account.  See there is no help number.  Find the forum.  See a chat link.  Okay - great - chat.  Here we go.


Chat 1 :

Let's diagnose the problem.  Run a line test?  Great!  No fault on the line.  Okay.  Hmm.  Let's check your details.  Can you confirm?  Mobile number, master socket, damage to the box, damage to the line, damage to...and I'm cut off.  Chrome on mobile freezes on the chat window and I can no longer type in the field.  Damn.  Immediately try again.

Chat 2:

This time I've stuck my sim card in the tablet.  Better typing experience.  Let's go.  Okay - confirm details, mobile number (again?) master socket, damage to box, damage to line...okay this is all getting a bit familiar and ... I'm cut off again as the chat box crashes on my android tablet.



Okay, last time.

Chat 3:
This time I turn my android tablet into a hotspot and head to the mac.  After having to rename my hotspot for some reason, the mac connects.  Off we go.  "Let's diagnose the problem" - oh *@#][!![]'#[@#]!*.  Run a line test?  Great!  No fault on the line.  Okay.  Hmm.  Let's check your details.  Can you confirm?  Mobile number, master socket, damage to the box, damage to the line?  OK - CAN YOU TAKE YOUR MASTER SOCKET APART, Add a filter (when one isn't needed), okay now my master socket is in pieces and ... CRASH.


I erupt inside like a boring middle class volcano.  This began at 8.30am and it's now 2 in the afternoon.  I can't walk away from the chat and I can't do anything else on my only free day off this week.  Ok - things happen - things go wrong - but the incompetence on display here has (IMO) reached Monty Python levels of silly.  I await the foot of destiny to squash me from on high.


Chat 4:

"I want to raise a complaint".  Okay sir - I understand - of course - no problem - let me help - I'll just run a line test...



Okay but I'd just like to...

The chat crashes again.  And with it my patience with TalkTalk.  I immediately cancel and move to another provider.  Meanwhile I am without internet.  Can anyone who isn't a scripted machine-person offer any advice to a man truly beaten by the system?

Also thank you for my TED Talk.


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The service has now been restored.  The journey to get here has been just awful.  Things to consider if you stumble across this thread in the future:
- The support centre help chat client is unreliable and will stop working for various reasons on any device or OS.
- The support centre are script-driven and you will end up repeating information several times.
- You may end up in a support chat or chats for multiple hours - my personal record was four consecutive chats lasting eight hours

- If things go wrong on a weekend this forum doesn't have any support outside of the community itself

- There is no readily available telephone number publicised on the website.  I found it by viewing the customer complaints code PDF and that was really only a sales number

- Posting a complaint on their facebook page was the start of getting a resolution.  Once logged with an advisor the resolution happened within moments of that interaction ending.

What more can I say?  Two days to get a resolution and a very frustrating customer experience that caused plenty of friction.

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Please keep us updated following the engineer from Openreach.





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An update.  After posting on the facebook page and DM'ing an advisor another test was run on the line and a problem identified with Openreach.  Someone coming out in 1 - 3 days.  I had previously had several automated tests and tests run from the live chat return no issues on the line so I have no idea why it's suddenly Openreach's problem.  But here we are.  Hopefully it gets sorted.


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It's incredible.  Just thought I'd try the chat again and the app crashed after 20 seconds!


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Update your profile as I mentioned earlier so that the support team can identify your account when they pick this up.


EDIT: I see that you appear to have done so now. 


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I'd still like to get it sorted for the remaining fourteen days I now have with them.  We'll see what happens.  Never in my life have I spent six hours navigating a roulette of support answers.  No phone number!!  For a telephone and broadband services company!!


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They can check remotely and they will. The forums aren’t the quickest way to get things sorted I'm afraid, but once you get the team here on the case they will do everything they can to help.


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Thanks for that Martin.  I have an FTTC type socket and I had a couple of spare filters lying around from years ago.  I took the socket apart, added the filter to both the phone and broadband line and plugged it back in to the disassembled FTTC socket.  The blinking orange light of death continues.


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I will do this.  Although unless they can actually remotely log in to the router and I diagnose the fault then I hold out little hope.


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If you would like the support team here to look into this for you it will help if you make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk landline number are complete on your community profile (click here) so that they can link your forum identity with your account and then wait for them to respond. Bear in mind that they won't be back online until Monday. 



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BTW, if you connect to the TEST SOCKET a microfilter is required !