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Old ISP disabled by TalkTalk, want to keep both

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As the title says, the old ISP got disabled as soon as TalkTalk was online, but the household I live in need both of them operating since it's a share house and the other ISP belongs to the other tenants. Waiting for advice on how to fix this, two different ISPs or even more is possible in a single household so I don't understand why this happened.



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Hi @Spili Each phone line, or fibre connection in the case of FTTP, can only support one ISP at a time.  This is because the line provides a physical link to an ISP.  So if you want to use more than one ISP in the house your will need to get extra phone lines installed, or if you live in an area which supports FTTP extra fibre connections.


If you are all willing to use the same ISP then you coulde setup multiple individual private networks in the house by using a 3rd party router which supports such a thing, but the overall bandwidth supplied by the ISP would be shared between these networks