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Only reaching speed between 9-12mbps. I purchased 30 mbps

First Timer

I have connected my Ethernet cable to the wifi box into my PS4 however the speed only improves around 1 to 2 mbps compared to wifi. At times even wifi is below 9 mbps, I am aware that the estimated speed is 9 to 20 mbps for wifi. I have logged into the talktalk internet settings and I should be getting near enough to 100mbps for wired connection however I am still at 10-12 mbps which is appalling. My wifi box is just under 2 years old. What should I do? thank you. 


The ethernet (wired) connection is capable of either 100 or 1000 Mbps.


As TT do not offer speeds of greater than 20 Mbps on ADSL or 80 Mbps on FTTC, then the speed of the ethernet link from the router to your PS4 is irrelevant.


You should get speeds close to the sync speed of the router using ethernet.


WiFi speeds are affected by distance, walls, reflections and possibly interference from close neighbours and home devices.

Community Team

Hi nikki2006


Martswain is absolutely correct with his advice.


If you would like me to check your sync speed and line, add your home phone number to your Community Profile and I'll check everything looks ok from here.