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Poor slow dropping speeds original AOL customer

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Hello good afternoon,


We've had quite a poor connection for some time with our talktalk broadband service.


For a very long time we were using a Netgear DG834G wireless router that was provided to us from AOL (before the service was taken over by Talktalk) for at least ten years.


Because of where we are located (Haverhill Suffolk) we've never had great amount of megabytes of internet speed but it's always been reliable and we've always known and accepted this and over some time the service has increased in speed. Currently we are in an area where fibre is being rolled out slowly but for now we're on a normal copper line.


Last December we decided it was time to update our router and purchased a third party TPLINK ADSL one (TL-MR6400). All set up and working fine however it started dropping and disconnecting and so we have reverted back to our Netgear modem which has fixed a majority of the issues we have had. We have found that over the last couple of weeks reverting back to our Netgear router our connection has been hit and miss. It's been understandable it may be slow because of watching on demand content such as Sky Q, BBC iPlayer, Youtube etc however this has also affected the simple tasks such as using facebook or purchasing online goods, an example i have is last Friday (28/05/21) where the connection was so poor with purchasing an item online i had to switch to my 4G Connection on my phone to finish the transaction out of frustration. 


I have run multiple tests using the Talktalk service status before registering an account. I have moved the router to the main master telephone socket in the house which has made little difference. I have updated the routers firmware and have ran some tests on my Mac and Windows machines using the netstat command but can not see anything obvious that is hogging the internet or wi-fi. I have done what i can to eliminate obvious things (time of day and busy usage times locally etc) only one other theory i have had is that maybe the connection is being throttled? with a high usage spike highlighted on the 1st of June 2021. The average connection we get is just a little over 5 megabytes or 4 or under if it's peak time. Cording to the Talktalk service status the speed to the router is poor and "The guaranteed download speed to your home TalkTalk router is 7 Mbps". One other test that has been done is the phone line test to which the results are ok.


I think maybe one of a few solutions to this maybe is getting an official Talktalk router. As described earlier we've had our Netgear router from AOL for over ten years and if Talktalk is able to provide us with one of their official routers it could help fix the issues we've had and if it's similar to Sky and BT the router will always be updated via the service provider.


Kinds regards


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No problem, please let us know how the connection compares.





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Thank you.

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The router will usually arrive within 24-48hrs.




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You will likely get an email from Yodel with a tracking link when it is on its way

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Hi @Karl-TalkTalk,

Thanks for your response and for looking into this. Thank you for the router as well, will we get an email when it's dispatch or will it just turn up at some point this week?


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I'll get a router out to you so we can test with another model.  I've also reset the data port and optimised the connection to see if this will increase the speeds a little.





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Hi @Michelle-TalkTalk ,

The phone line has no noise. As written earlier, i tested the line on the socket as @Skynet_TX recommended and speeds have improved.

As i have said in the post i replied to. I Think ideally Talktalk should provide me with an official router due to the age of the one that AOL (Before they were taken over by Talktalk) gave us just over 10 years ago to continue this so far, so good fix.

Kind regards

Support Team
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I'm sorry to hear this. Is there any noise on the voice service? Does the main socket have a test socket?





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Good @Skynet_TX !


Thank you for your response,


The master socket in this house is a NTE 5. I have over the weekend noticed a more stable constant connection so have wondered if because of this post it got investigated?


However this morning i have removed the NTE 5 Socket face, plugged in my router to the test section to the socket and am happy to report that i was almost getting 7mbps (anywhere between 6.30 to 6.90) with multiple tests on various devices wired and wireless. When i reapplied the main face of the phone socket the speed hasn't dropped to what it was, so it has made me wonder if removing it and plugging it in has fixed something? It has surprised me as this socket is chained to an original GPO junction box that is looking in quite a tired condition. but hey it's working!


with regards to a router, i think this would much be appreciated not only for keeping this now stable connection going but because of the devices in the house we now compared to ten years ago and for internet/wi-fi security purposes.


Kind regards


Community Star
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Hi @jvsv87,


If the speed to your router is below your guaranteed speed then the staff here on the community will be able to investigate for you to try to understand why that is.


If your master phone socket has a test socket then you could also try the router in there, that would then eliminate any of the phone wiring in your home as being a possible cause of the problem.


The staff here won't be around now until Monday, but they should be able to respond to this post early next week to help. If you have never had a TalkTalk supplied router then they may be able to arrange one for you if they think this might help resolve the problem.