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Port Forwarding

First Timer

Having a difficult time with Port forwarding on the HG633 router if anyone can help.

I've read several posts but still can't get in working.


I'm setting up an FTP server on a Mac.  The Mac client exists in the router LAN devices list.


In Internet -> Port Forwarding -> Port Mapping:

I've selected the inbuilt "FTPServer" application.

Selected the internal host (Mac).

I've added the FTP application to the internal firewall on the Mac to allow incoming connections.


On the Mac the FTP server is up and running.

I've checked within a web based open port checker that port 21 is open, confirmed as open.

I've successfully completed an internal network FTP test to the Mac using the Filezilla client, confirming the FTP service is running and I can see files being transferred.


When I try an FTP test using the external IP address with the the Filezilla client cannot connect to the FTP server, it times out.


I've tried within/without user account  (anonymous).

Using plain FTP with no encryption.

Both the Mac and Filezilla client are up to date.


Any ideas on what could be the problem?







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With port 21 open, you do not have a problem, it is all down to the way you are testing it.


You will not be able to test, or use port forwarding from a device on your local network making a connection to your WAN IP address, or DDNS URL. If you did, the connection attempt would be routed out to the internet and back in again to your router. Once it comes back into your router again, it will not be forwarded to the device your port mapping rules state, but will be blocked by the router. This is known as “Loop back” traffic, which most routers will discard those packets as an additional security measure. 


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