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Port forwarding issues- Need Help

First Timer
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I have been  forced to create an account and post here as im feeling a little hopless. A bit of context first . Im not new to port forwarding and have done it multiple times in the past with success, I used to forward port 25565 for my younger siblings mincraft server on multiple occasions with no problems however recently I needed to forward port 10308 for my own gaming needs to hook up a server for a few of my mates and and I simply cannot. I have spent a couple good hours reading forums trying to figure out what I missed or what I forgot so I will start by stating what I have already done.


-Port forwarded through the talktalkrouter.lan page- same way I used to do it so im quite confident I made no errors there.

-Added exceptions in firewall to the port in question for both TCP and UDP.

-Tested other ports including 25565 which used to work for me - does not anymore.

-Used windows powercell to manually input commands for exceptions to allow port 10308.


Any advice will be extremely appreciated.