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Port still closed after port forwarding

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Hi there I’ve tried for years and years to make a Minecraft server (port 25565)  and have watched thousands of videos on how to portforward since I was twelve 10 years ago! Had no luck with the router my parents used and now that I’ve moved out and have moved to talk talk I thought I’d try port forwarding again and even after opening the port through my default gateway for both tcp and udp however multiple port checker sites show the port to still be closed and my friend cannot join my game this is a last ditch effort asking anyone for any help with this I have made sure to make exceptions for 25565 in my firewall also


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You need to let people know what router you have.


You might have opened the port on the firewall router but you might need to alter the routing table as well or portforward to a specific IP address which is the internal/lan IP address assigned by the router to the minecraft server if the minecraft server does not have a fixed IP address. This is also assuming your minecraft server is some sort of standalone/virtual device connected to the router and not an application like a webserver or email server running on an OS like *nix or windows.


If its a "server" application running on say a *nix/windows machine, you will then need to configure the *nix/windows firewall to make sure incoming packets on router port 25565 go straight through to the *nix/windows port 25565. 


I know nothing about minecraft other than its a game which could be played, you could be running it as a virtual device on VirtualBox, Vmware, Hyper-V, or even QEMU possibly, so the more info in your post the better. 😉