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Problems with WiFi Hub (Sagemcom F5364)


So my Fibre went live today and as I was going through the setup I had some issues.


I can't work out how to attach the stand to the router, it seems like it's attached but just falls off when you let go, I've looked online and can't find anything about how to do this. I have it kind of propped up at the moment.


The box also didn't include the extra filter that it says it should.


My internet is connected but I can't allocate a static IP to my devices, this means my printer needs to be reinstalled on all my Windows machines every time I want to use it (changing the IP in the program settings doesn't work for some reason and if I do it in Windows it doesn't update the software so it still doesn't work), the printer is a purly wireless printer and it needs a static IP.


Why have you stopped supplying the HG365 Super Router? This locked down router with no advanced/admin options is ridiculous. I can only change the SSID, passwords & DNS servers and while I am glad I can do those things really I need to be able to do significantly more.


My device is a modified Sagemcom F5364 with Firmware Version: SG4K10001400t


Is it possible to get a firmware update to unlock all the features that have been disabled/hidden?


Have my username and password to connect changed since I upgraded to Fibre or are they the same as when I was on ADSL Broadband?


Do you have a FAQ listing the relevant settings for configuring a proper router, the one you have sent is not usable so if it can't be fixed I am going to have to buy one and nothing you sent me includes the relevant information.

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First off the stand is part of the router, you do not need to put it on, perhaps it is broken. I'll ask the OCEs to replace it if that is the case. You can configure quite a bit on the router, the DHCP Reserved IP addresses will be available when it updates itself to firmware 2600 in a day or so.


I can help with any configuration issues, but what I can't help with is you saying yours has been modified, in what way has it been modified & who did it?


The HG635 was long since superseded by the HG633.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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I'm not sure superseded is the word I would use. Why on earth would they have have switched from the HG635 a router that was praised on all fronts to the HG633? I suppose it was to save money, frankly I would rather pay for the HG635, not to worry though I see they are cheap enough. They were definitely sending out the HG635 a year ago.


TalkTalk modified it, the original router (Sagemcom) doesn't have all the options disabled/hidden.


Are you saying that the 2600 firmware patch unlocks all the currently hidden/disabled settings? Why doesn't it have that before it's dispatched? Is there somewhere I can download it? I'm quite capable of patching firmware myself (assuming they haven't disabled that too) and if that solves the problem I won't need to buy a router.


I don't need help configuring the router... I know how to configure a router, what I need is to have the options available so that it can be configured, currently there are only the ones I mentioned in my initial post. I can apparently port forward as well but there is no point in doing that without allocating a static IP of course.


As I said what I really need to know is if my username/password changed when I upgraded since I haven't been told about a new one and it seems to be hard programmed into the router and not visible to me, nor is it listed anywhere in my account pages that I can see.


I can almost certainly find the other setting I need in order to configure a different router (one that hasn't been modified by TalkTalk disabling all the options), although I am surprised TalkTalk don't have a page listing this info for customers to refer to.


The stand is very definitely not attached to the router, it looks like it should just clip on but no matter how hard I try or what angle I use it won't stay on.


Out of curiosity how are you able to ask the OCE's to do stuff? Your signature says you are not an employee? Do you get any benefits from helping people or is it just cause you like to help people?



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I have passed this over to the OCEs to deal, as I promised. All I can tell you about the HG635 is that it was discontinued. The hub has a far superior WiFi specification, being an 802.11ac Wave 2 device.


I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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I don't really use wireless for heavy bandwidth so the 802.11ac 1st gen is more than good enough for my needs on that front 😉 to be honest I rarely manage to pick up 5G through my thick brick/stone walls anyway which means I don't really benefit from the Wave 2 feature, not to mention the HG635 has the nice USB port to plug in external storage which can act as a media server and of course none of the essential admin/config settings are disabled 😉


Thank you for passing the thread over to the OCE's.


Well the internet dropped offline so I checked and the firmware has updated to SG4K10002600t I still can't see anyway of allocating an IP to a device, I rebooted the router in case it was needed and even after the reboot I can't see any difference in what I can/can't do. I have been through every advanced menu and tab even checked connected devices on LAN & WLAN and I just can't see it anywhere?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Dave_T7,


I'm sorry to hear that the router stand is broken. Are you happy for me to send a replacement router?




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If you are using Internet Explorer still or some mobile devices there is a bug where you don't see everything. Try to use Chrome, Firefox or Edge on a PC & go to:-


To reserve the address that a device currently has, go to:-

Dashboard > Manage my devices > Manage advanced settings

Click on the device in question & use the Device Info tab. Then click on the Reserve IP button.


To allocate a different IP address to the device, it is necessary to go into the main DHCP configuration at:-

Dashboard > Manage my devices > Manage Advanced Settings > TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub > DHCP


Then click the Add Reserved Address button, in the resulting display, select the device’s name & set the address you want to use.



I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
OCE's and Community Stars - Who are they? 


@OCE_Michelle  Sure, do you have an answer for the other points I raised in my initial post?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Dave


Replacement Hub on the way.  


With firmware 2600 you can reserve an IP address for a device. 


Some options may be available in the next firmware version that is coming soon, but ultimately as this is a TalkTalk router the firmware will never be fully unlocked as it has been customised to our specification. 


As to the HG635, we have stopped supplying this model.  Some customers may receive one when a Huawei model is ordered as there may be a few left in the warehouse, but as a rule these are not specifically ordered and we have long since stopped receiving these models from Huawei.





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