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Proposed end of landlines by 2025

First Timer
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I know this is some way off but I could do with some input on this change. I have my landline with BT and ADSL broadband (using that BT line) from TalkTalk. My question is: what will happen with my internet when my landline is shut down? I don't have a problem with losing the phone connection but the internet is essential to me for various reasons.


Any help/ on this would be extremely welcome.


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TalkTalk do have a deal agreed with CityFibre and usually issue a press release when they're ready to offer Future Fibre via the CityFibre network. 


If you go to the TalkTalk Sales page and select Future Fibre then you can register your interest. 


Future Fibre is currently offered with the Amazon Eero package. An Eero hub would connect to the CityFibre optical network connection. Extra Eero units can be connected to create a whole home mesh wi-fi network. Or you can retain the TalkTalk Wi-Fi extenders. 

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Whizz Kid
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Thank you for the comment about the types of phones. I had read BT's information and not understood that when they said "any phone plugged in to the wall" they did not actually mean any cordless phone with its charging cradle plugged into the wall.

All that was needed was to re-link the extension phones to the base unit  once it was connected to the router. It would help if they made it clearer and I think there may be others in the future who presume, like I did, that when the extra phones no longer worked there was nothing that could be done. I am mighty relieved this is not the case but I hope TalkTalk will make it clearer to customers when the time comes to change over.

As this is all connected to getting gigafast broadband into houses I would like to raise the issue of being able to connect through CityFibre. I know this isn't happening everywhere yet but the cables have been laid in my road very recently and I think the service will be made available fairly soon. What I would like to know is whether TalkTalk will be able to provide the service when that time comes.

I guess the tariffs will be the Fibre ones already provided but my concern is that even if I pay for it, will the gigafast connection reach all round my house? At the moment I get poor 2.4GHz speed upstairs where my study is and I rely on TalkTalk wi-fi extenders. What happens when the router is connected to gigafast cables?


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Hi silvergirl 


Good illustration of old type phones not being ideal for use with broadband multi-service home hubs. 


These new hubs, not yet offered by TalkTalk, contain DECT digital 'phone base stations allowing users to have a number of wireless 'phones around the home. These 'phones have batteries charged by a mains power base unit but don't use the 'phone extension socket wiring.

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Whizz Kid
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I was very interested to see this post because I was about to raise the matter myself.

I, too, thought it was "some way off" but to my surprise my very elderly mother has already had her landline changed this week by BT! They must be starting to roll it out presumably to be all done by 2025, not to start it then.

I have been to see my mother today and changed the phone line from the wall socket to the router and the router itself is still plugged into the BT master socket.

What they don't tell you sufficiently in advance is that once the main telephone cable is removed from the wall socket and placed into the back of the hub any extension handsets that are plugged into wall sockets will no longer work. There is no suggestion of what happens when people are used to several phones placed around the home. You will just have one working handset. Full stop.

The obvious solution is to use a mobile phone but what about all the people like my mother who need the reassurance of a handset within reach in more than one room? There must be lots of people who don't have a mobile phone.

I appreciate this is to modernise the whole system and hopefully give us all fast connections but I don't feel the overall situation, particularly for the elderly, has been given enough consideration.


Support Team
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The UK is currently in the process of migrating to Future Fibre (FTTP) Conventional landlines will be replaced by VOIP services over a data connection. 




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Voice services will be provided over broadband. When an exchange ceases to provide voice over metallic lines then customers will be provided with phone adapters to connect landline phone(s) to a broadband router. Customers just using voice would be provided with a broadband router and broadband suitable for voice only communications. The broadband whether for voice only or voice and Internet would be delivered over a fibre optic connection to the home. 

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