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Re: Enable Band Steering and Airtime Fairness for all customers

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Who can I speak to regarding broadband speed from Talk Talk. They seem to set off with good intentions with a broadband speed of 38/39 mbps. Then slowly over time it's tweaked down a little at a time till it reaches Half the speed it should be. I have learn't over time that it costs less to provide me broadband at lower upload speeds. Thet really are an infuriating company.  

Whizz Kid

Hi @jaguar442,


For help with your Broadband Service you can start your own topic on the Fibre Broadband help section of the TalkTalk community here. An OCE will be willing to help. You can also start a Live Chat with a TalkTalk representative, which you'll find on, if you scroll down to the "Need to speak to our team?" section of the page.


Hope your issue is fixed soon 😀



Anisa Khalifa
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi jaguar442,


Your router appear to be in sync at 40Mbps so can you first of all switch your router off for 30 minutes then switch back on and run a couple of speed tests, at least 10 minutes apart on the My Account speed checker, on a device connected to your router by Ethernet cable