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Received a router I did not order.

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Good evening,


I have taken a delivery this evening from Yodel of a TalkTalk Router.  I did NOT order this and I do NOT want it. I have my own router and do not require one from TalkTalk. I am very disappointed that you have taken it upon yourselves to send out a router completely unsolicited without any communication with me,  your customer. I sincerely hope that you will not be charging me anything for this; please could someone get in touch to discuss what method I can send this back to you without cost to me. I am disgusted to say the least; I have had no issues with TalkTalk up to now - if this is not resolved in the shortest possible timeframe, I will be leaving for a different provider.



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Hi Lizzie1231


The routers are being sent in anticipation of scheduling an upgrade to fibre in the near future.


I do agree the communication could be better, and we have fed this back to the teams concerned.






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@Lizzie1231 the AC1200 refers to the WiFi speed rather than the model of the router.  That said, if it was bought new recently then it will support VDSL.


As for it not being the way to go about doing business I don't think you will find anyone who would disagree with you.  But as I said TalkTalk are a communications company, so perhaps they know something about effective communications that we don't 🤔🤔🤣

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Thanks for getting in touch Birchwood, that is not the way to go about business is it! My partner recently installed a TP-Link router (AC1200 is says on it) and I think it supports fibre - I'm not sure!


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@Lizzie1231 You will find quite a few posts similar to yours on the forum.  Basically TalkTalk have an ongoing programme of upgrading Broadband (ADSL) to Fibre 35 (VDSL or Fibre To The Cabinet) free of charge.  As part of this programme they are sending out new routers to those, usually longstanding customers, who's existing TalkTalk routers won't support VDSL. You can expect an email shortly telling you you need to connect the new router or you may loose your internet.  If your current 3rd party router supports VDSL then you should be OK but if it doesn't then your internet will go down when the do the switch.   As for when you will be switched it would appear that TalkTalk are unable to when say.


It would appear that TalkTalk being a communications company have done their best to demonstrate how good they are at what should be one of their core competencies 😁🤔😁