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Refund for Engineer charge

Ryan keeler
First Timer



I would like to enquire about a charge/refund for a charge to my account.


We have constantly had below our minimum guaranteed speeds, which is not too much of an issue. The problem is that the connection constantly drops and kicks us off. I used the chat feature to try and get this fixed and they ran some test and found that there is an issue with the line and that if the fault was ours we may be charged. I told them I do not accept any charges as we only moved into the house so we do not know what condition any sockets or wiring was in. I did mention that a faceplate was wobbly when we moved into the property and that we accept no responsibility or charge for this.

We had an engineer come out and he found some corroded copper wire outside the property which he replaced, and he also replaced a socket faceplate which he told us we would not be charged for. He also said the wire replacement may help but most likely he thinks it was a faulty router and that he would suggest to talktalk that we get a new router. We did not receive a new router.

The internet was still rubbish but we just used it. Then a few days ago i start a new complaint mentioning the engineer visit and that the internet still does not work. He said he would run some tests and disappeared. Then suddenly 3 months late a charge for £65.00 for an engineer visit appears, it takes talktalk 3 months to charge for a visit but 7 days to take the money from your account???

The work that was done was not due to damage by our fault and did not even fix the internet. Talktalk have breached their own contract by not providing the speeds promised and then charging us against their own terms and conditions.


The internet is sub-par, the help and support is useless and you get charged for things you are told you won't be charged for. 


I do not recommend TalkTalk. Also if this dispute is not resolved quickly with a refund I will begin a chargeback with my bank. The payment taken was not authorised.

Beep boop
Community Star

Hi Ryan your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during the day.

Regards Divsec, I don't work here, know little, and have too many opinions.
Community Team

Hi @Ryan keeler


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 




Community Team

Hi @Ryan keeler



Upon investigation, I have checked the chat transcript and can see that you where mis-informed regarding potential charges for the engineer. 


Because of this, a credit will be raised against your account, and you can request a refund via My Account,. 


Feedback will provided to the agent in question. 


Sorry again for any inconvenience caused.