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Regularly losing Wifi Connection

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Past 3 days been turning router off and on in order for wifi to reboot. 

Ran a connectivity/speed check just now on my test my service page.

Upshot is that connectivity is reported to be fine; but router is unidentifiable by Talk-talk. 

My router was supplied by Talk-talk so should be known; I attempted to click link to chat to team but it didn't respond.


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Thank you, Chris @Chris-TalkTalk @Debbie-TalkTalk 

- will do

Enjoy : )


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Hi nicky62,


Yes the light does look a bit blueish at times


Yes please continue as you are and let us know if you experience any further problems



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@Debbie-TalkTalk @martswain 

& here I am again

Sublime service, most part yesterday.

Stuttered and blocked this morning; couldn't get here for reset request as . . . no service ; )

Resetting myself, unusually, made no difference either.

Then, fortuitously, I remembered noting how a community star (forget name of) advised someone similarly struggling to carry out '30 minute' restart - as in turn router off for 30 minutes.

Reflected at time whether this was a typo and 30 seconds was intended direction - nevertheless, last ditch effort (anything to avoid half day taken calling TT direct) - this is what I did.

Voila, here I am and instantly forgive all (bit like child birth - so quickly forgotten about until the next time;)

Two questions

First, did I imagine my white single hub light (router mentioned at beginning of this thread by way of reply to Martin) was tinged with blue when it was inactive.

Two, shall I continue as I am (catching up on time missed today) and if further problems occur, access here on my phone (now I have found password) and carry out Debbie-assisted reset?

Thank you : ) 



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Hi nicky62


Thank you, you too 🙂



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Thanks again @Debbie-TalkTalk 

Noted : )

Should I feel there's still room for improvement; I shall come back - before week is out & you're around and about

As I speak all is pretty good - normal service resumed for now 🤞🤞

Thanks again though & enjoy week ahead

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Hi nicky62


Thanks for your reply.


If the connection/speed is ok now then don't worry about resetting the router.


If you do experience any further issues then please let us know.


Debbie 🙂

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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk  @martswain 

Having determined slow-speed/pages not loading was not a TT/area wide issue; I called customer service this morning (after struggling majority of weekend & this morning with pages, email not loading.

Spoke to lovely Indiana in S Africa who ran some diagnostic tests and offered advice how to get better response, speeds.

At her suggestion I have added micro-filters to the 2 additional sockets that are in my flat (one of which has home phone attached, other not longer used really)

My service has been very good since, no issues.

Happy to reset router and wait for reconnection as an add on - or do you think I've solved this enough now?

Thanks - will look out for your response, preferably before 3pm, while I'm still at home - thanks 👍🙂


Support Team
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Hi nicky62


Sorry for the delay.


Please can you factory reset your router using the pin hole reset for ten seconds, I can then try and connect to your router.





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Yes @martswain the link you provide is same as I used to run technical check, which mentioned not being able to identify router I used, whether it was one known to talk talk or not and to chat to member of team with, by way of reaching solution in that respect; but as mentioned although I tried to contact the team using their link; I was unable to connect through it - hand simply sits of link however many times I click - no further forward therefore regrettably.

Thanks for your help; 

I'll see if OCE can throw more light on to it; when they're in operation from tomorrow : )

Thanks for your input, interest and time; however


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Hi @martswain 

I'm using Safari on MacBook

Pages stop loading, emails don't load (often)

Despite being central London, wifi does run slowly - sometimes preventing links connecting as b/band speed not fast enough

Familiar with that and know steps to take - copying link into new tab in the main

Router being used is honeycomb homehub DG8041W

No indication from router that there's a problem - solid white in the main; solid orange when first turned back on then flashing orange, next flashes orange and white before reverting to solid white once more.

Hope that answers all

Thanks : )



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@nicky62  Do you actually mean you are only losing WiFi connections or that the router is losing its connection to the outside equipment ?


Are ethernet connected devices similarly affected ?


What make and model router do you have and what firmware version is it running ?


When you have the problem what does the indicator light(s) show on the router ?


Live chat is available from the link below, but be aware that OPERA AND BRAVE browsers have security features that may need to be disabled in order for the CHAT NOW button to show.


Pop-ups also need to be allowed.