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Renewal charges TV Fees

First Timer
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I try to renew online my contract but It says I will be charged £4 for TV fees.

I never use any TV services or watch TV, especially from TalkTalk services.


How do we remove that? I cannot find an option to remove it.


Community Star
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Yes, we all agree that it is a nuisance, @ChrisKoups.


Phone help is available till 7pm Monday to Friday, till 6pm Saturday. 


Not open Sunday. 


Over these past 8 months Chat has not had the authority to do renewals, so interesting that they are now offering something!


You are lucky to have avoided the TV charge so far. Most of us had to opt out of it when it was introduced over 2 years ago, and each time that we have renewed since. That was even if we had never wanted Talktalk's TV services or didn't even have a television....!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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So i had it for "free" for 2 years but now i cannot renew or remove it without calling someone. Really convenient for someone that works 😄


I tried also the online chat and they offered me a more expensive broadband package without the TV fees.


Btw, i have seen that i am not the only one with that problem...

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@AllyM, .... yes, we have fed back on these subjects.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

Insightful One
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How long has this issue been going on now?

Surely it can't be that difficult a thing to fix?


Also, the shambles they call the Service Centre.

Do TalkTalk not employ any competent IT people who can get their website working properly?


Community Star
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We recommend doing the renewal over the phone, @ChrisKoups, as this annoyingly happens with online renewals. 


You will have to phone now anyway. 


They reopen Monday from 9am.


03451 720046


You can't remove this yourself in My Account. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.