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First Timer
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I am due for a renewal in November and seen that I can get a good deal.


my problem is that I live in a hmo (house of multiple occupients)

And I am planning on leaving the house and moving round July time,

Can someone easily take over the account so they can pay the bills?

If no one takes it over, will I incurred a big cancellation fee, as where I’m moving too already has wifi and a phone line and I won’t need talk talk.


Support Team
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Hi @KbeanZ88


If one of the other occupants is willing to take over the service you can complete a change of ownership form so they are in charge and pay the bills.  


Let us know nearer the time and we can email it to you. 


Hope that helps. 

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Hi @KbeanZ88,


If you cancelled your contract before the end of the contract term then you could be liable for early termination fees, see details here :


You could always ask the staff here on the community to sent you a 'Change Of Ownership' form, details here :


Both you and the new account holder would need to fill it in, so would be worth making sure you get it organised a while in advance of when you plan to move out.