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Replacemant DSL 3782/TT router

First Timer
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I have just received a replacement router (25/01/2019), as my old one was turning off when the transformer appeared to be overheating. The replacement was a DSL-3782/TT. The firmware version is v1.09t. 


On joining the Community, I read the following part of a post "Due to losing internet several times last week, I had factory reset the router. On running a security test, I am alerted to the fact that this router has a serious vulnaribilty going back to 2017. Namely CVE-2017-14491 (Attackers can abuse this vulnerability to disrupt normal functions of this device and make it unresponsive. Attackers can execute their own code on this device. Type: DNS; Port:53) As the firmware is dated March 2018, how comes this vulnaribilty wasn't fixed in this firmware version? The dnsmasq is 2.52 but needs to be 2.78 or above to be free from this security issue. I also notice that this router only supports SMB1 which is also obsolete and not supported by Windows 10 which I currently use on all three of my computers".


I run a Windows 10 PC, and now a wee bitty concerned at the vulnerability of my new router as it appears it poses a  security threat on my network. Observations would be appreciated.


Regards. RabbieBurns



Support Team
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Hi RabbieBurns,


I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I've spoken to our Products Team and I can confirm that we have addressed this issue and can confirm that your device is secure.